430 – A Rubbish Library!

This week’s ENW podcast is the last episode for February 2021 and introduces an incredible recycling project from Ankara. The Turkish capital city has for the last few years been home to an incredible library of books rescued from rubbish residents of the city have thrown out. Originally just a small collection available for sanitation workers the library has morphed into a truly impressive collection. Why did the library start? What are its goals?
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429 – Reindeer Bridges!

This week’s ENW podcast is the 2nd episode for February 2021 introduces an innovative new idea from Sweden that, it is hoped, will help protect the country’s reindeer! Climate change has resulted in warmer winters. Warmer winters mean less snow. Less snow means a big problem for reindeer. One solution that may help protect the reindeer population – is reindeer bridges! What are these reindeer bridges? What will they try to do? Where will they be?

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428 – Paddington Invades Machu Picchu

This week’s ENW podcast is the 2nd episode for 2021 and delves into some of the few positives from the continued COVID-19 Pandemic. As millions of people are prevented from travelling overseas, some of the most iconic tourist spots around the world have benefited from the lack of mass tourism. One of these is Machu Picchu – the UNESCO World Heritage Site that has seen nature return to explore its famous ruins. What kind of nature? What was the result?
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